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iAtlas tracking devices are robust, affordable devices you can count on for AVL and fleet applications. The devices incorporates GSM/GPRS, or CDMA wireless communication protocols along with extra-sensitive GPS, a powerful processing engine, and a 3-axis accelerometer that detects and acts on hard braking, aggressive acceleration, or vehicle impacts. Internal or external antenna options enables the device to be mounted virtually anywhere for easy, inexpensive installations.


iAtlas devices employ industry leading on-board and application defined programmable events to monitor external conditions and support customer-defined exception-based rules to meet demanding business requirements. The device monitors the vehicle environment and responds instantaneously to pre-defined conditions related to time, date, motion, location, zone, input and other event combination


iAtlas device offers advanced over the air serviceability and automatic post-installation upgrades plus monitoring unit health status across your fleet.


Select the number of  devices required along with either Monthly or Yearly subscription. The Price includes the device/s as well as the first month or years subscription fee. Reccuring billing will commence on the 1st of every month, or the 1st of the month for which the annual renewal is due.