iAtlas is all about tracking things that move. iAtlas provides telemetry data for moving objects using simple, secure and affordable tools. iAtlas is reliable, redundant GPS platform constantly reassuring customers about where their objects are on the earth.

Golf Cart Management

GPS Service Provided:

  • 10 Second update for  golf carts at your course provided through the web service accessed on with a valid username and password.
  • Service Plan Term:36 Months
  • Devices carry a 12-month warranty.
  1. Payment Options:
    1. Straight out buy:
    • Devices including 36 months of service 
  2. Lease to own
  • Devices including 36 months of service
  • Seasonal lease payment schedule per year for 3 years:

On My Way -  Trip Share

OnMyWay  leverage the existing iAtlas GPS platform and enable businesses to share their delivery vehicles location in a simple, secure and painless way.

The OnMyWay Experience: 

  • Company A places package on a truck and ready for delivery
  • Truck is tracked using proprietary iAtlas tracking system
  • Customer has requested through business site they want 15 min lead time
  • Company A sends iAtlas a FollowMe request with package information, vehicle being tracked, length of time being tracked, SMS/Email of customer wanting to know
  • iAtlas receives the FollowMe request to track this vehicle
  • iAtlas sends an email/SMS to customer and the tracking time begins with link to iOS/Android/Web application

Small Business Solution

We provide the tools that  business owners need to reduce risk and remain informed. Our cloud based platform provides complete visibility and accountability while facilitating actionable information into the location and movement of connected assets.

We are lowering the barriers to entry for millions of small businesses and individuals around the world with our non-contractual, easy to use solution offered at the lowest monthly subscription fee on the market. We help businesses increase customer satisfaction with an UBER like feature that shares their whereabouts with awaiting customers.

Enterprise API

iAtlas is a first class IoT cloud-based tracking service used all over the world. Our first class API runs on top of the world's most powerful cloud platform, Amazon Web Services. We run on top of redundant, highly secure, highly scalable and highly available servers. With customers all over the world, our servers must maintain stability and availability. Our devices respond with data based on distance, time and direction. We store this data in a highly available PostGres database engine. Our web, android and ios apps make calls into our API to pull the data.

iAtlas API is a RESTful/JSON interface using token based authentication. With an iAtlas username and password, you have access to all of your data through the API.